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Brief Introduction To Vigora

Vigora is a newly released erectile dysfunction medication that aims to temporary treat impotence and help men achieve hard erections - moreover, Vigora can also prevent premature ejaculation. The active compound in Vigora is Sildenafil Citrate, and the mechanism of action is similar to that of other drugs from the same class: Vigora increases the blood flow around the genital region and it relaxes the muscles, therefore helping men with impotence enjoy satisfying sexual intercourse. Vigora is currently considered one of the safest, most effective and most cost-efficient erectile dysfunction drugs available on the market.

Vigora is a red pill that must be taken solely by men, never by women in children. Also, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction must avoid self-diagnosing and self-medication, as their personal doctor is the only one who can prescribe a safe and reliable erectile dysfunction treatment. Vigora is available in different dosages, and those who want to order Vigora 100 mg online can order the drug from an online pharmacy, quickly and without the hassles.

How To Take It

Vigora must be taken at least half an hour before you start the sexual act, as it requires some time to be dissolved in the body and absorbed into the bloodstream. After that, Vigora delivers reliable results that can last up to four hours or more. The dosage varies from one person to another, based on the underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction and the overall health status of the patient. Usually, the prescribed dose of Vigora is 100 mg, taken once a day with a full glass of water - your health care provider will give you precise directions.

Patients should not confront with the issue of missed doses, as Vigora is not created to be used on a regular basis, but whenever needed. Patients who follow the treatment with Vigora are not on a dosage schedule, which means that overdosing is virtually impossible. However, if you suspect you might have taken too many pills, go to the emergency room right away in order to prevent unpleasant adverse reactions.

Vigora can be taken with or without food, and it is essential to remember that this drug does not generate an erection, it only helps you achieve an erection provided that sexual desire is present. You must never exceed the recommended dosage, as this can lead to severe side effects.

Ordering Vigora 50 and 100 mg On the Internet

Numerous online pharmacies and drug stores provide Vigora in different dosages, like 50 mg or 100 mg. You can easily purchase Vigora online without prescription, and you will receive the drug within several days. Vigora is considerably cheaper than Viagra, and the effects are basically the same.

Buying medications online is safe, fast and very easy, as online pharmacy use secure payment processors and provide a wealth of payment methods, from Visa cards and check to Paypal and even wire money transfer services. You can buy Vigora online from the privacy of your home, and nobody will ever know you need it!